SpitJack - Marinade Injection Tool 4oz SHORT

SpitJack - Marinade Injection Tool 4oz SHORT


If you need to get some extra flavor (or a special kind of flavor) deep into your meat, you will have to go beyond rubs and marinating. The SpitJack Flavor Inoculator is a heavy-duty, commercial grade tool that will penetrate up to 5.5 inches. It's precision, calibrated design lets you control the flow of the marinade or seasoning mix you are injecting.

The Inoculator comes with 2 needles, 1 with a slanted open tip (for injecting a marinade that might have small spice or herb particles) and the other with a closed end and side perforations (for liquid only flavoring solutions).


  • Made in USA
  • Heavy nickel plated brass and stainless construction
  • Verterinary field tested (on herds of large animals)
  • Large 4 oz. fluid capcity
  • Comes with two needles.
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