SpitJack - SHOT Meat Injector

SpitJack - SHOT Meat Injector


The SpitJack SHOT meat injector system packs many of the same features found in our commercial grade meat injector models into an incredibly value-priced bundle. Now you can use an affordable high-quality injector to enhance the flavor of all meats including primal cuts and whole animals. The SHOT (barrel) and all needles are made of food grade stainless steel and the needles are so sharp they can even be used to penetrate pig skin. This is a complete meat injection system with all the accessories you will need for just about any injection event.

The SHOT comes with all of these parts:

  1. A slanted open tip needle (for injecting a marinade that might have small spice or herb particles)
  2. A closed end and side perforations needle (for liquid only flavoring solutions)
  3. A shorter, thinner gauge needle for use with smaller cuts of meat
  4. A set of three cleaning brushes for the injector barrel and all size needles
  5. An extra set of silicone food-safe o-rings
  6. A handy custom carrying and storage pouch

For use with:

  • All types of marinades and injection formulas - water and fat based
  • All types of meat from fish filets to pork butts, to whole pigs
  • Melons and donuts too!
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