The Good-One Flavor Wood Pallet

The Good-One Flavor Wood Pallet


The Good One™ BBQ Wood comes in a variety of flavors.  BBQ Wood adds a hint of flavor to any of your smoked meats.  The BBQ Wood contains only chunks of kiln-fired hickory trees, harvested from Central Missouri hardwood forests. The Good-One™ natural flavored BBQ woods add unique flavors to your smoked foods. Elevate your BBQ by returning to tradition – with the natural smokey flavor that only charcoal and wood can deliver!


The Good-One Flavor Wood Pallet consists of 30 bags of flavor wood.


*Please clearly specify the type(s) and quantity of each flavor in your order in the notes section at checkout. You can choose from any of The Good-One flavors below, 1 flavor per bag, up to 30 bags.*

- Maple

- Mesquite

- Oak

- Apple

- Peach

- Hickory

- Cherry

- Pecan


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