The PK360 Pro Series Grill Cover & Carry Bag

The PK360 Pro Series Grill Cover & Carry Bag


The Pro Series PK360 Grill Cover and Carry Bag is tailored to fit your PK360 Grill and Smoker. This unique cover is designed to keep your grill investment clean, dry and free of debris while still highlighting it's unique silhouette. With a specialized fit, durable construction and unique shelf carry bag, this cover is a must for those who take their PK360 on the road. Constructed of automotive grade material, the new Pro Series PK360 Grill Cover is durable, waterproof and colorfast.

Product Details

Black three piece cover with silver PK accents
Constructed from heavy duty and waterproof automotive grade material
Top-coated PVC face with 100% PET Drill backing
Highly UV resistant
Form fitting three-piece design conforms exactly to the PK360 shape
Independent shelf covers zip together into a convenient carry bag with nylon straps
Heavy duty zipper
Air intake covers

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