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BBQ Maestros was created out of a deep love for all things BBQ, especially when smoked on one of our premium smokers

These premium smokers can turn any novice into a master barbecuer – a true BBQ Maestro.

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The PK is a world class grill and smoker. There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment. Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers and hot dogs, or at low temperatures over longer periods, like pork shoulder and beef brisket, the cast aluminum PK will make you a backyard hero because it nails the landing on both. The nickel-plated steel hinged grid makes refueling for long smokes easy without having to remove the cooking surface or move the food. Get the best of both worlds with a new PK.

Aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than other common grill materials which provides for a smooth distribution of heat around the PK capsule resulting in very even cooking without the need to constantly turn or reposition the food on the grill.

In addition to being a very effective way to direct the flow of flavorful smoke over your food, the PK 4-way venting system (two adjustable vents in the top lid and two dampers under the fire) provides easy and accurate temperature control for every style of cooking without flare-ups from dripping fat.

With the lid closed and the vents open, not enough oxygen can enter the cooker to support a flame. So, whether you are cooking fast with high heat or slow with low heat, close the lid and the PK's venting system naturally suppresses scorching flames to ensure your BBQ comes out brag-worthy time after time.

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Made in the USA, The Good-One™ Smoker was first conceived and built in 1988 in a small farm shop in Kansas.  Due to the inefficiency and lack of consistent temperature control of existing smokers on the market, the inventor devised a unique offset firebox cooking chamber design that held even heat over an extended period of time.  This led to a top end smoker/grill that took competition barbecuing to new heights and produced outstanding smoked meats and other outdoor cooked foods. It required significantly less attention than other smokers and grills.

“I was so impressed with The Good-One Smokers that I became a full time spokesman and instructor for these products in 2007.  A lot of smokers will do an adequate job, but The Good-One™ Smoker/grills are just so much easier to use and give much more consistent results.”

–  Chris Marks, 8-time Grand Champion of the American Royal BBQ Cook Off; winner of over 40 National BBQ Contests; TV Cooking Show Guest

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Some BBQ Maestro memories captured...

BBQ Boot Camp

Become a BBQ Master by attending our BBQ Boot Camp in Indianapolis, IN. These boot camps are lead by Chris Marks, 8-time Grand Champion of the American Royal BBQ Cook-off. Learn the techniques. tips and other insights to become a true BBQ Maestro! Mr. Marks covers the entire smoking process from prep to completion, highlighting common pitfalls to avoid and which smokers provide the best results.

Learn how to:

·         Master BBQ techniques and skills

·         Identify what types of wood and charcoal to use.

·         Make your own marinades, rubs, injections, and more!

·         Avoid the common pitfalls of smoking and grilling.

·         Achieve mouthwatering, fall off the bone baby back ribs, with hands-on, step by step guidance from start to finish.

·         Create succulent chicken.

·         Execute unforgettable butts and briskets that melt in your mouth.

·         Become a true BBQ Maestro!

During day 1 of BBQ Boot Camp - Chicken & Rib day - Each attendee will be supplied with their own set of ribs to prepare along with Chris as he provides one-on-one help and step-by-step instruction. All and any questions thoroughly answered. Ribs will be smoked during class and yours to take home for dinner!

There will be plenty of sampling, tasting, and eating, so come hungry!


Register for one or both days!

Date: April 6-7, 2019                

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm - Both Days

Day 1: Chicken & Ribs                                              

Day 2: Butts & Briskets

To Register:

Call: 317-982-6770


Look at those Ribs!

Look at those Ribs!

Smoked Spachcocked Chickens

Smoked Spachcocked Chickens

Smoked Brisket!

Smoked Brisket!

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BBQ Maestros with Chris Marks visit Fox 59 Morning Show

BBQ Maestros was founded by Scott Regal,  who is a husband, father, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.  After attending a Chris Marks led BBQ class, Scott wanted to bring pure BBQ to Indianapolis, IN.  Thus The BBQ Maestros was created to provide The Good-One Smokers, smoking accessories, rubs, sauces, charcoal, flavor wood, and educational classes to other purists.

BBQ Maestro Scott Regal with a Buttula Spatula

BBQ Maestro Scott Regal with a Buttula Spatula